Release 0.2, First Pr

This week I was working on an open source Hypixel data platform called Slotpixel. The project is in the early stage of development, and yet they have no code in production. However, it was a good chance to gain experience contributing to a new project and practice the workflow.

The technologies this project uses for its front-end are the following:

  • View: React
  • State Management: Redux
  • CSS: styled-components

  • Microservices: Node.js
  • Database: MongoDB/Redis

For my first issue, I picked a small bug that asked me to fix the alignment of an icon on the website. The instructions for this issue were really straightforward, they included the screenshot depicting the problem and listed all files that might be related to this bug. 

After I forked the repo and followed all instructions to quickstart and configure the project (it required to install node.js and to do some reading on React and Redux) I was able to create a branch for my issue and finally start working on it. The fixes themselves didn't take too much time, the hardest part of the first PR was to set up the project and to get it working on my machine. After I pushed my changes it took less than a day for the project maintainer to review and merge my pr! So the issue is successfully closed now and I'm in the list of contributors of my first open source project.

My issue :
My PR:


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