Final Summary Blog Post

The second release was very useful in terms of learning how to work with git commands and how to find, setup and contribute to a bunch of different open source projects. As it turned out, the hardest part of the whole process for me was setting up a new project on my machine. Some times you can't manage to get a part of the required technology to properly install and work, other times something that is already installed on your machine interferes with new stuff. Eventually, you might end up spending more than 3 hours just to get everything working, and submit your pull request only after a few minutes of working with actual code. 

Another issue of working on open source projects is the complexity behind finding a good bug that you can take over and work on. Some tickets lack a good description, some don't have any at all. Looking for a good issue to work on, you can discover that the project doesn't have any documentation and most of the time you can neither understand what to do nor to find any instructions to at least start doing something.

However, when you finally manage to find a good ticket, push your changes and see that your PR got merged, the feeling is really satisfying. So I look forward to our next release with more complex issues and bugs.

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