Lab8 Issues for future releases

In the third release, I'm planning to work on one of my previously selected projects. From my experience with popular GitHub open source projects, sometimes it might take a lot of time to get any reply from their team, which might be a problem if I come up with any questions along the way. Moreover, picking a project from the previous release will save time on setting up the project and getting familiar with it.

Slothpixel project

One of the good options to work on in the next release is Slothpixel project. It is an open source Hypixel data platform which is currently at the early stage of its development.
It uses React JavaScript library to build user interface. React is considered to be one of the most demanded programming skill in the job markets and one of the most popular javascript frameworks. So it will be a perfect add-on to my resume.

The issue I might work on:


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